Commercial Companies Law

Our Office provides full spectrum of legal services provided to commercial companies, from advising our clients who are willing to establish new companies, drafting required registration documents, to corporate services, including providing legal aid to authorities of commercial companies and drafting corporate documentation, assistance in conducting board and shareholder meetings, and preparation or analysis of company documents in order to ensure their compliance with the law in force and their business efficiency. We offer legal help of experienced attorneys in changing companies bylaws and articles of incorporation, including conducting procedures of increase and decrease of company's capital. Our offer is addressed especially to capital groups, with particular respect to exercising parent companies' ownership rights over its subsidiaries.

We are experienced in complex handling of commercial companies’ transformations, mergers, divisions and liquidations.

We also practice commercial companies’ law-related litigation, including challenging resolutions of general shareholder meetings and partner meetings, as well as proceedings leading to exclusion of a partner from the company.

Capital markets – public companies

Our Office has rich experience in aforementioned areas with regard to publicly owned companies listed on the GPW S.A. regulated market in Warsaw and the New Connect market.

We are experienced in providing legal services in the field financial instruments trading. Our Office provides legal advice regarding preparation of prospectuses and information documents necessary in public offering of stocks. We also provide services in fulfilling the information duties of publicly traded companies listed on the regulated market and the New Connect market. We prepare notices and other documents submitted to Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) and GPW S.A., as required by regulations of security trading and public offering statutes.

Our office has extensive experience in handling registration procedures of securities with the Polish National Depository for Securities (KDPW). We are also skilled in conducting admission to trading procedures of GPW S.A. regulated market and the New Connect market.

Mergers and acquisitions

Members of our legal team actively assist our Clients in search for investors for their ventures, as well as making capital investments themselves – especially regarding acquisition and merger type transactions. We handle these procedures from both seller and buyer perspective. We are experienced in conducting legal audits and drafting due diligence reports regarding merger and acquisition of commercial companies. We also provide professional reports indicating legal and business risks of prospective transactions.

Business contracts

Our attorneys prepare and apprise business contracts, especially as a part of our services for our clients. We offer legal assistance in business negotiations in order to ensure the implementation of optimal contractual provisions and guarantee the most complete protection of Client's interests.
We draft contract templates and terms of service for companies representing various sectors of the economy – among others the electronic media, real estate, housing development, new technologies, payment services and transfer agents.

Intellectual property

Our Office on regular basis deals with issues of copyright, trademarks, know-how, and trade secrets, as well as problems emerging from implementing IT and electronically supplied services regulations. We prepare copyright contracts and represent our clients before courts in IP-related cases.


We offer counseling for e-commerce companies involved in outsourcing, hosting services, and e-services including electronic payment services provided for both professionals and private entities,. Moreover, we provide legal services to companies developing and distributing software, together with drafting terms of service and contract templates tailored to their particular needs.

Telecommunications law

We offer full-time legal assistance to entities providing telecommunication services for professionals and private entities. Our Office darfts terms of service and contract templates for those businesses, along with suggesting and implementing changes in Clients' documentation, as required by mandatory regulations for telecoms market.

We represent our clients in litigation proceedings resulting from inspections of the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) and Office of Electronic Communications (UKE).

Bankruptcy law

Our legal team participates in preparing bankruptcy applications and assesses the legal condition of companies in the context of bankruptcy law regulations.

Conducting civil and business litigation

Office prepares lawsuits and pleadings in claim vindication cases. The We handle financial claim cases in all types of Polish civil proceedings, also before the e-court. We represent our Clients in internal company relations cases, which include annulment of the board and shareholder meeting resolutions, declaring the resolutions null and void, dissolution of a company, exclusion of a partner and reparation of damages caused to the company or shareholders by board members. We are also experienced in handling board members' liability cases in instances of ineffective enforcement of company’s obligations, including representing the Polish Social Insurance Institution (ZUS). We offer legal representation in execution proceedings..

Other areas of practice

The range of legal issues handled by our Office also includes other subjects common in business transactions, like regulations regarding conducting of business activity and civil law – especially property law, law of obligations, antitrust law, foundations and associations law or labor law.

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